BOREWORM: Bludgeoning Entomophobia EP From Insectile Death Metallers Out Now

Michigan insectile death metallers BOREWORM (ex-The Contortionist, ex-The Yellow Sign) have officially released their monstrous sophomore EP, Entomophobia.  These four tracks of bludgeoning, technical metal prowess are now available through the band’s Bandcamp, as well as on iTunes and Spotify.  Here is what the press is saying about the record: “For anyone out there who […]


WALKING BOMBS: New Collaborative Peace Quest EP From Kingston, NY Experimental Rock Outfit Now Available

WALKING BOMBS – the solo project of New York musician and music journalist Morgan Ywain Evans (ex-Divest, Antidote 8) – has released its new experimental Peace Quest EP a day ahead of its original November 1 release date. The record recently premiered at Metal-Temple and can now be streamed and purchased at the outfit’s official […]


BOREWORM Unleashes Pulverizing New Single "Vile Husk" Through Metal Injection

Insectile death metal outfit BOREWORM (ex-The Yellow Sign, ex-The Contortionist) have premiered the first single from their forthcoming Entomophobia EP at Metal Injection.  Tilted “Vile Husk”, the new track unleashes pummeling, rhythmically-jarring, venomous angular riffage, and virtuosic solo work across three minutes of mayhem. Metal Injection says BOREWORM “play a devastatingly heavy yet eclectic brand […]


AUSTARAS: Progressive Metal Trio Unleashes Glowing New Track At Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Chicagoan transcendental progressive metal outfit AUSTARAS has premiered the first taste of their upcoming opus, Prisoner of Sunlight, at Heavy Blog is Heavy. Titled “Thrones”, this nearly eight-minute stunner weaves towering riffs, glowing melodies and soaring vocals into one enthralling piece. Heavy Blog Is Heavy says the new tune “sounds like a mix of Alcest […]


AUSTARAS: Chicago Trio Crafts Progressive Metal Opuses On Debut Full-Length Record

Chicago-based atmospheric progressive metal trio AUSTARAS are set to release their debut full-length LP, Prisoner of Sunlight. Following a four-year break since 2011’s Under the Abysmal Light EP, Prisoner of Sunlight showcases a staggering musical evolution. The post-black metal stylings of the aforementioned EP are almost all stripped away in favor of grandiose musical passages […]