Texan death metal horde ASYLUM have premiered the first single from their impending debut album, Psalms Of Paralysis, at

Titled “Syringic Pathology,” the single unveils a shift to more of a old school death metal style than the band’s atmospheric debut EP, Committed. Svbterranean said the track “unleashes unyielding assaults of technical prowess, acidic vocals and face-melting death metal riffage across four rampaging minutes.”

You can listen to “Syringic Pathology” AT THIS LOCATION.

Psalms Of Paralysis features nine blistering, absolutely vile tracks that clock in around 40 minutes. These blasphemous hymns showcase a band who have honed their skills for the sole purpose of unleashing face-shredding madness upon the world.

Mixed, mastered and engineered by Irving Lopez (Cognizant) at Imperial Mind Engineering in Dallas, Texas, Psalms Of Paralysis boasts technical prowess and a penchant for devlish heaviness. The debut album offers a comprehensive musical interpretation of human psychoanalysis, social deconstruction, and unbreakable attachment to technology. Psalms Of Paralysis dives far deeper into the enigma that is human imagination, exploring a multitude of philosophical ideas and archaic modi operandi within the realm of medical science.

Psalms Of Paralysis will be released via Metal Rising Records on November 19 through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all other platforms worldwide. Pre-order bundles, including physical releases and other merch, can be found at this location.

Psalms Of Paralysis track listing:
1. Apprehensia
2. Spectral Incantation
3. Psalms Of Paralysis
4. Obsidian Spine (with Dean Arnold of Vital Remains)
5. Heliophobic
6. Conjuring Fog
7. Prefrontal Orbit
8. Syringic Pathology
9. Neuroslave

Formed within the frozen mists of Fort Worth, Texas in 2012, ASYLUM creatively delivers audible personification of the enigmatic human psyche by a medium of technical death metal, heavily influenced by old school thrash and black metal. With Psalms Of Paralysis, ASYLUM is paving the way for a new perspective on old school and technical death metal.

Colby Rogers – Vocals
Jonathan Hatley – Guitars
Trey Hepfer – Guitars
Carlos Alonzo Gallegos – Bass
McKenzie Webb – Drums

Upcoming tour dates:
3/24 – Dirty Dog Bar – Austin, TX
3/25 – Bonds 007 – San Antonio, TX
4/2   – Tomcats West – Fort Worth, TX – w/ MINDSCAR
4/22 – Fields of Despair – Corpus Christi, TX
5/5   –  Andy’s Bar – Denton, TX
6/23 – Acadia Bar – Houston, TX
6/24 – Alamo City Music Hall – San Antonio, TX
7/7   – Tomcats West, Fort Worth, TX – w/ Whore of Bethlehem

Praise for Psalms Of Paralysis:

“Painting with shades of death metal old and new, as well as that of the technical variety, Fort Worth’s ASYLUM may be your remedy for the nine-to-five drag.” – Svbterranean

“…the ASYLUM album will find your individual thought patterns and show no mercy; sure to take your piece of mind as songs gouge your brain cells and kill ‘em all!” – Metal Riot

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