WALKING BOMBS Premiere New Genre Bending Peace Quest EP At Metal-Temple

WALKING BOMBS – the solo project of New York musician and music journalist Morgan Ywain Evans (ex-Divest, Antidote 8) – has premiered its new experimental Peace Quest EP via Metal-Temple. In stark contrast to the rock splendor of 2015’s Know You’re Wild, Peace Quest sees the project’s emphasis on acoustic-lead alternative and grunge being infused with elements of stoner metal, industrial, feverish electronica and more. Tracks like “Peace Quest: Ephedra Fragilis” and the anti-Trump anthem “Demagogue” show raw, stripped down sludge groove accompanied by industrial metal stomp and noisy soundscapes, while acoustic cuts like “State of Elation (Grass/Crown/Halo)” hark back to the dirty grunge of the 90s and are reminiscent of acts like Days of the New or Alice in Chains. It is a multifaceted EP that is brought to life with help with guest contributors like power electronics/noise sculptor Gridfailure, punk bassist Laurie Safdie, Jay Andersen of grunge band Surmiser, industrial artist Kris Bernard and multi-instrumentalist Martyr Art.

Evans said the following of the new release: “This EP was tracked at the same time as a pending second full length so we split up 17 songs that felt like they most wanted to be neighbors…Peace Quest is a bit heavier than anything I’ve put out under this name yet, but in addition to two sludge songs there is also my attempt to combine Hum and Type O Negative in a troubled star song "Haunt Your Own House” that kind of ended up sounding like the Crash Test Dummies but is still cool, an acoustic ballad that is twenty years old, an industrial drill and bass song and more. Huge blessings, love and thanks to everyone who took part or gives it a listen.“

Check out the EP in full at Metal-Temple or directly on Soundcloud now.

Peace Quest will be released independtly on November 1st and can be purchased digitally here.

Peace Quest was engineered and mixed by Jay Andersen in Saugerties, NY and was mastered by Tad Doyle at Witch Ape Studio.

Vocals- Morgan Ywain Evans, bass on 1, acoustic on 1,4 + 5,trombone on 1
Jay Andersen- Guitars, Programming, Drums, Bass…lot of stuff
Laurie Safdie-Bass on 6
Martyr Art-Solos, Bass on 2
Gridfailure aka Dave Brenner-Howls and Effects/textures/puke chaos on 6
Kris Bernard- Majority of music and arrangement on 3

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