BOREWORM: Insectile Death Metallers Unleash Destructive New Single Via MetalSucks

Michigan death-dealers BOREWORM (ex-The Yellow Sign, ex-The Contortionist) have unveiled the opening track to their forthcoming EP, Entomophobia, over at MetalSucks

Titled “Synapse”, the new tune unleashes technical angularity, progressive virtuosity, cosmic atmospherics and cataclysmic groove across five tumultuous minutes. Metal Sucks says “Synapse” “pulsates with life, its haunting, atmospheric guitars filling in the blank spaces between chunky death metal riffs and hard-hitting grooves.”

Bear witness to the cosmic horrors HERE

Previous single “Vile Husk” can be previewed at Metal Injection

Entomophobia will be released independently on Saturday, November 19. Digital pre-orders can be purchased here and CD bundles can be picked up at this location.

Praise for Entomophobia:

“Within only 4 tracks, you get a wide range of extreme music. Sludge, death metal, death groove and a scarily grand blend of melodic death metal meets post-rock. This fusion of music makes BOREWORM standout more so than anything else I have heard before. Something I can put on and listen to over and over, Entomophobia deserves your attention. This is a high quality death metal release for fans of the genre who want a mind blowing experience." – Headbang or GTFO

"The biggest defining characteristic of BOREWORM is just how gargantuan their sound can be at times. Blistering death metal with a wall of sound behind it, and points of “Vile Husk” and “Synapse” really lay into the density factor at several moments. You can zip from wisps of melody within the brutal framework to a barrage of faster riffs to some slowdown to the mid-tempo where they really unload the wall of heaviness. These moments bring some added life to the act, even though BOREWORM aren’t one of those bands that use technicality as a crutch. You can hear and appreciate the more technical flavor of the riffing and arrangements, but they never go too far that it inhibits the feeling of the song.

The various elements swirl together to make Entomophobia a far more interesting offering than one might expect based on a brief glimpse of the act. For only having two EPs under their belt, the future is looking pretty impressive for BOREWORM.” – Dead Rhetoric

Formed in 2013 by former The Yellow Sign bassist turned guitarist Michael Bielenda and Inspired by a grand, arching science fiction mythos and the oppressive atmosphere of cosmic horror, BOREWORM paints an aggressive yet hauntingly melodic musical soundscape. The band weaves a concept album storyline through a modern death metal exoskeleton and since it’s inception has been growing and expanding on a fanbase of loyal listeners with self produced music releases and videos and, more recently with their inclusion as the only unsigned band to be a part of the seminal metal festival Summer Slaughter blazed a path of devastating live performances across the country in 2014. Persevering through strife and member changes the band holds strong to its unique apocalyptic vision and welcomed former The Contortionist vocalist and frontman David Hoffman earlier in the year. The band returns for the follow up to The Black Path EP with Entomophobia, showcasing their eclectic style and furious metallic delivery.

BOREWORM  at the time of recording:
Dave Hoffman // Vocals
Mike Bielenda // Guitars
Cody McCoy // Drums
Sam Fraser // Bass

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